→ Figuring out "Who I am"?
→ Developing a perception of themselves.
→ Wondering how others perceive them.
→ Experimenting with different appearances.
→ Pursuing new interests. 


→ Where do I fit in?
→ Which group do I belong?
→ Girl drama, mean girls & Bullying.
→ Social isolation.
→ Friendship loss


→ Extreme mood swings.
→ Quiet, lonely due to low self-esteem.
→ Constant effort to look thin & beautiful in girls
→ Gyming & excising to look fit & muscular in boys.
→ Eating diorders & nutritional deficiencies.
→ Mental health issues like depression & suicidal tendencies.


→ Challenges of Parent-Teen communication
→ Family pressures, power struggles.
→ Single parent homes.
→ Sibling rivalry.
→ Less quality time spent with each other in family.


→ Extra tuition classes outside school.
→ Extra curricular activities - dance, sports, art, music.
→ Doing upto 6-10 hours of homework a day.
→ Sleep deprivation - sleeping late & waking up early.
→ Competition & race to top very high.
→ ADD & ADHD on the rise.
→ No time to rest & play during week & also weekends.


→ Girl-boy dynamics like crush, dating & relationships.
→ Hook ups, break-ups, make-ups & all the drama.
→ Confused gender identity & sexuality - straight, homo or bisexual?
→ Online dating through social media sites.
→ Cyber stalking & dating violence.
→ Highly influenced of TV, movies & media. 


→ Internet & technology , important part of a teenager's life now.
→ Social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc start around 13-14 years of age.
→ Texting & chatting online is way of communication.
→ Playing online games & streaming & creating their YouTube videos.
→ Spending maximum time of day & night, surfing, sharing selfies, video & hanging out online.  
→ Cyberbulling, trolling & stalking leading to depression & suicides. 


→Where am I headed to?
→What am I here for?
→Growing from middle school to high school to university, but still confused about future.
→Parent's pressure, peer influence & wish to do everything leads to confusion of future careers.
→Feeling unstable due to a lot of changes hapenning very fast in their lives.


→ Common trends - smoking weed, vaping, e-cigarettes, alcohol etc.
→ Most challenging decisions - whether to start draugs & alcohol to fit in the group.
→Want to experiment or are pressured by friends or bullied to start.
→ Model parent's behaviour or do for the sake of rebellion with parents.
→To feel like grown-up & behave like them. 


→Lack of development of frontal lobe leads to reckless decision making in teenage years.
→ Constant confusion & mistakes of the choices & decisions they take.
→ Inability to judge & anticipate danger & impulsive actions lead the teens ending up in trouble.
→ Whether it's chatting online or taking a gap year or going to college or is smoking weed bad - all decisions happen in an instant & they may not regret it too.