Life coaching by Dr. Smita Dipankar 

Life is a simple magical journey, enjoy every moment.

“Oh! This feels like a fairy tale, I wish this could be true for me.”
Isn’t this the thought in your mind now? Why are you feeling like this?

Most of us are busy handling and managing the day to day situations and challenges in our lives. By the time we figure out a solution for one challenge, life throws up another one. And our life just passes by…

The problem here is not life’s challenges, it’s YOU. You say, “It’s my life, my problems, I’ll figure it out on my own. I don’t need anyone’s help or guidance.” 

Majority of you want to handle all these challenges, on your own and don’t want to ask for help. Doing it all alone can take a toll on your health. In the long run, this may lead to physical health diseases (diabetes, high BP, low BP, heart disease, cancers etc..)  or  mental health diseases (like personality disorders, anxiety, depression etc..) which require lifelong medical treatment or therapy.

All this preventable very early in your life with a simple smart solution - Life coaching. Developing life skills by learning, taking guidance, support and working with an expert called Life Coach.  
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Dr. Smita Dipankar 

M.B.B.S, D.A (Anaesthesia)

Founder & Director of Forevermagicalteens™️
 Internationally Certified Life Coach for Teenagers 
Ho’ opono pono Healer 
Consultant Anaesthesiologist


What is Life Coaching? 

According to ICF (International Coach Federation), coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.    
***(Reference from: ICF – international coaching federation  website - What is coaching?)

In normal terms, life coaching is a process where a trained and certified professional works with you to enhance your present life skills to achieve your goals in your personal and professional life through guidance, accountability, and support. It is used to help you to understand your potential, recognise and overcome any obstacles you may face and create a plan of action to achieve your desired objectives.

How is Life Coaching Different From Therapy?


➢ Diagnosing and treatment of mental health problems and diseases.
➢ Trained and licensed health care professionals are equipped to diagnose and treat people with mental health conditions.
➢ The therapist focuses on identifying symptoms of past hurt and trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship problems affecting mental health of the individual. 
➢ Therapy works to heal your past trauma and deep-rooted issues. 
➢ Therapy can involve counselling or medications and long-term treatment.


➤ Working towards the goals and dreams an individual wants to achieve.
➤ Trained, qualified and certified professionals who are equipped with experience in the field of life skills and coaching. 
➤ They are not trained and licensed to diagnose and treat mental health conditions (except for therapists and doctors trained in both therapy and life coaching). 
➤ Life coach focuses on identifying your present areas of life where you want to improve and works with you towards your future goals and aspirations.
➤ Life coaching is equipping you with strategies and solutions, motivating and inspiring you to achieve your dreams in professional and personal life. 
➤ Life coaching involves coaching, empowering, motivation and support and can be short term.

Who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional, trained and qualified to work with individuals (kids to adults) to equip them to enhance all areas of their personal and professional life.

How does a Life coach work with you? 

The life coach works professionally with you -
👉 in understanding your day-to-day challenges, fears and stressors 
👉 identifying your limiting beliefs and guiding you to create your empowering beliefs 
👉 helping you to take responsibility for your life and work towards identifying your strengths and emotional values
👉 by creating effective solutions, customised strategies and action plans to take the necessary steps to realise your dreams 
👉 supporting you to overcome your fears, heal your past and build self-esteem 
👉 empowerIng you to achieve your maximum potential and fulfil all your dreams and goals. 


For Teenagers and Young adults

Life coaching is designed helping teens (age 13 - 17)) and young adults (age 18 - 22 to focus on -
  👉 developing a strong sense of increasing their self-esteem, self-identity
  👉 identifying and amplifying individual talents by build on their strengths,
  👉 exploring their interests, discovering their aspirations and goals,
  👉 developing healthy relationships with relationship-building capabilities
  👉 communication skills by refining interpersonal communication
Thus, creating a "Super Successful teeenage"

For Parents 

Life coaching is designed to help parents of teenagers and young aduts to focus on -
 👉 gaining perspective, clarity, insight, understanding about their children
 👉 providing guidance in communication skills and techniques
 👉 developing strategies to build stronger bonds with their children
 👉 exploring their interests, discovering their goals and focus in life
 👉 creating action plans to attain personal growth with work/life balance
Thus, creating a “Super successful life.”


For all everyone (age 9 to 100 years)

Ho'opono pono is a Hawaiian healing practice that involves a process of self-reflection, forgiveness and reconciliation to create peace and well-being. By -
 👉 stating an intention
 👉 acknowledging & taking responsibility for one's own feelings and actions
 👉 expressing appreciation and gratitude
 👉  letting go of any hurt or resentment.
 you can move closer to creating harmony and peace in your own lives, between your family, your friends and your communities.

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